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These are the previews / synopses for episodes of Six Flying Dragons. Originally from SBS Official site.

Episodes 1 - 10

Episode 1

Air date : October 5, 2015 PM 22:00

Lee Sung Gye orders his subordinate Baek Geun Soo to go to Gae Gyung and send his message regarding the spy. The young Lee Bang Won insists to visit Gae Gyung together with Jo Young Kyu and Baek Geun Soo. While in Gae Gyung, two young siblings Boonyi and Ddangsae are looking for their mother but end up working for the chief of beggars in order to feed themselves.--Natokajun (talk) 17:35, 17 September 2016 (UTC)

Episode 2

Air date : October 6, 2015 PM 22:00

While the two young siblings tried to escape through the wagon, Ddangsae got caught when Jung Do Jun is planning for the event at Sangpyung Gate on the next day. However, Jung Do Jun got tied up together with Ddangsae in the warehouse and then Bangwon came in rescue after Boonyi asked for help. Jung Do Jun later, together with other Sadaebu scholars are joining a cause at Sangpyung Gate to prevent the diplomatic relationship with Yuan dynasty. --Natokajun (talk) 17:35, 17 September 2016 (UTC)

Episode 3

Air date : October 12, 2015 PM 22:00

Sambong Jung Do Jun got arrested for creating a cause at the Sangpyung Gate meanwhile Bangwon decided not to go back to Hamju and tells his father that he will be staying in Gae Gyung and wished to enroll into Sungkyunkwan. He is determined to become strong like Sambong. After listening to the song sung by Sambong, Boonyi and Ddangsae tried to follow him while he was on the way to the land of exile. In Sungkyunkwan, students leave the school one by one until Heo Gang got framed for a murder.... --Natokajun (talk) 03:17, 1 October 2016 (UTC)

Episode 4

Air date : October 13, 2015 PM 22:00

The young siblings were surprised to know from Sambong that their mother was dead 18 years ago. Ddangsae decided to find Gil Sun Mi in order to find the truth. Myo Sang, Moo Hyul's grandma asked Hong Dae Hong to take Moo Hyul as his student so that he can save the family from living in poverty forever. After finding out that he should not look out for his mother again, Ddangsae went back to his hometown to meet Boonyi and Yun Hee. While they were celebrating for Chilsuk festival at the village, a tragedy happened. And six years later...--Natokajun (talk) 03:19, 1 October 2016 (UTC)

Episode 5

Air date : October 19, 2015 PM 22:00

After Baek Yoon being killed, Hong In Bang joined forces with Woo Hak Joo and Gil Tae Mi. Lee Bang Won heard about venomous Magpie from the conversation while Gil Tae Mi investigating Baek Yoon's assassination. Meanwhile, Boonyi was given a carved-wood soldier by Jung Do Jun and was told to look for him later if she could not find a way to make a living...--Natokajun (talk) 11:53, 1 October 2016 (UTC)

Episode 6

Air date : October 20, 2015 PM 22:00

After getting her revenge, Boonyi heading to the cave where the villagers are waiting. At the same time, Bangwon has been following her to the cave due to concern but he ends up being tied to the tree and his belongings were taken by the villagers for survival. While trying to find Lee Eun Chang, Boonyi got captured by spies from Biguk temple and then, accidentally, Bangwon came across Lee Eun Chang...--Natokajun (talk) 11:53, 1 October 2016 (UTC)

Episode 7

Air date : October 26, 2015 PM 22:00

Moo Hyul agreed to Boonyi's offer to go to Hamju together. Bangwon has been thinking the possible way to meet Jung Do Jun directly. Meanwhile in Hamju, Boonyi was mistakenly accused as a spy by Lee Sung Gye and team. When the incident happened, a man suddenly appeared...and he turns out to be Jung Do Jun himself.--Natokajun (talk) 11:52, 2 October 2016 (UTC)

Episode 8

Air date : October 27, 2015 PM 22:00

After meeting up at Hamju base camp, Jung Do Jun proposing to Lee Sung Gye a new country with the aim to take down the evil Dodang trios. Bangwon brought up the story of Jo So Saeng being killed in the past, so that he could convince his father to accept the offer from Jung Do Jun. Meanwhile, Jung Do Jun suggests to Hong In Bang to join hands together in order to defeat Lee In Gyum and Choi Young.--Natokajun (talk) 11:52, 2 October 2016 (UTC)

Episode 9

Air date : November 2, 2015 PM 22:00

Jung Do Jun advised that if Hong In Bang wanted to stand against Choi Young and Lee In Gyum, he and Gil Tae Mi should turn Lee Sung Gye into their ally. Hong In Bang sent Monk Juk Ryong to Lee Sung Gye for more information about the border stabilization agenda. Meanwhile, grown-up Ddangsae and Yun Hee recognized each other and shed tears. Bangwon was caught having stamped on the border stabilization agenda arbitrarily, so he was trying to leave for the capital in a hurry. --homura @ soompi

Episode 10

Air date : November 03, 2015 PM 22:00

Getting out of Dodang, Bangwon bawls the news to Boonyi that the border stabilization agenda was approved. When Boonyi asks Bangwon what's going to happen, he reassures her the agenda will not be lifted. However, Lee Sung Gye tries to withdraw the agenda. Meanwhile, Bangwon is at odds with Ddangsae over Jung Do Jun's strategy when they meet in the cave. Yun Hee is surprised to know that Ddangsae is the swordsman. --homura @ soompi

Episodes 11 - 20

Episode 11

Air date : November 09, 2015 PM 22:00

When Bangwon was caught for causing the Border Stabilisation Plan to be passed through Hong In Bang illegally, Bang Woo decided to put on hold the withdrawal request of Border Stabilisation Plan, which was ordered by his father Lee Sung Gye. With the help from Hong In Bang, Boonyi sneaked into the prison to meet Bangwon in order to convey message from Hong In Bang. Meanwhile, Lee In Gyum is plotting to put Hong In Bang into a trap by placing a forged letter in Bangwon's bedroom. However, Jung Do Jun changed the letter in secret and causing a panic situation...--Natokajun (talk) 07:10, 16 October 2016 (UTC)

Episode 12

Air date : November 10, 2015 PM 22:00

Lee In Gyum has doubt that it may be Jung Do Jun who switched the letter. Lee Bang Won's interrogation is suspended because things will be embarrassing if Lee Sung Gye's name is mentioned as Baek Yoon's suspected assassin. Gil Tae Mi goes to meet Ddangsae because he recognized the letter's writing was similar to Ddangsae's sword style. Meanwhile, Lee Sung Gye meets Lee In Gyum and tells him to release Bangwon. After that, he goes to Jung Do Jun and declares that he will enter politics. --homura @ soompi

Episode 13

Air date : November 17, 2015 PM 22:00

After hearing the news of Bangwon's release, Boonyi happily goes to him and helps him receive treatment. Bangwon expresses his feeling for Boonyi, knowing that she is the girl he met in his childhood. Meanwhile, Lee In Gyum is overthrown, and Lee Sung Gye breaks the alliance with Hong In Bang. While being run after by Gil Tae Mi, Ddangsae finds out Yun Hee is a spy of Hwasadan. --homura @ soompi

Episode 14

Air date : November 17, 2015 PM 23:00

Hong In Bang sends Cho Young to Minje's house to propose a marriage for his 3rd son, but Bangwon prevents Hong In Bang's plan from becoming successful by meeting with Min Da Kyung. Meanwhile, Ddangsae was informed by Yun Hee that Boonyi is still alive and then, he goes to find Jung Do Jun who claimed to create a new nation which has been yearned by both Yun Hee and Boonyi. After having a conversation with Jung Do Jun, while on his way back, Ddangsae feels something strange like a sword is reeling around...--Natokajun (talk) 07:10, 16 October 2016 (UTC)

Episode 15

Air date : Nov. 23, 2015 PM 22:00

Yun Hee takes Jung Do Jun away but runs into Byuk Sa Gye (the assassin). In the moment of crisis, Ddangsae appears and saves Yun Hee and Jung Do Jun. Boonyi recognizes Ddangsae and Yun Hee and sheds tears. Ddangsae tells Jung Do Jun that he will stay here. Meanwhile, Lee Sung Gye gives Ddangsae a new name "Lee Bang Ji" and places him as Jung Do Jun's bodyguard. Hong In Bang plots against Haedong Gapjok who rejected his marriage talks, in order to let them know they made misjudgement. --homura @ soompi

Episode 16

Air date : Nov. 24, 2015 PM 22:00

Hong In Bang insists that they should investigate Jo Ban's rebellion before deciding whether Hong should be impeached or not. Hong visits Min Je and threatens him to turn in a petition with Haedong Gapjok's signatures claiming that Lee Sung Gye is the instigator of Jo Ban's rebellion. Meanwhile, Bangwon proposes a deal to Lady Min Da Gyung : exchanging the biggest secret of Lee Sung Gye's family for what Lady Min heard from her father when she went back to her parents' home. Bangwon goes to meet Min Je accompanied by Young Kyu and Moo Hyul. --homura @ soompi

Episode 17

Air Date : Nov. 30, 2015 PM 22:00

Watching Bangwon got the whole Haedong Gapjok's signatures, monk Namchun and Biwol leave in a hurry to deliver the news to Hong In Bang and Cho Young respectively. (* Namchun is the Biguksa priest, and Biwol is the Hwasadan spy.) After agonizing over a decision, Monk Jukryong of Biguk temple finally chooses Hong In Bang, while Yun Hee persuades Cho Young of Hwasadan to join Lee Sung Gye's side. Meanwhile, Hong In Bang is arrested when fleeing by boat, because his servant Dae Geun betrayed him. Gil Tae Mi runs into Lee Bang Ji when he tries to escape the capital. --homura @ soompi

Episode 18

Air Date : Dec. 1, 2015 PM 22:00

Lee Bang Ji gets entitled "the best swordsman of Three Hans (Korea)" after defeating Gil Tae Mi. Gil Sun Mi watches his twin brother's last moment and goes away in sadness. The remnants of Hong In Bang and Gil Tae Mi are arrested by the Tribunal, and Boonyi is surprised to find out Dae Geun is still alive. Meanwhile, Min Da Kyung is embarrassed to see Bangwon being together with Boonyi. Monk Jukryong's account book falls into General Choi Young's hand. --homura @ soompi

Episode 19

Air date : Dec. 7, 2015 PM 22:00

As Lee Sung Gye decided not to abandon Jung Do Jun, Choi Young prevents Lee In Gyum from being killed and sends him to exile. Lady Kang comes back to give support to her husband. General Choi Young meets Yuan envoy secretly in Hwasadan. Boonyi gets warned by Lady Min not to use informal language when she is having a conversation with Bangwon. While trying to investigate the death of her follower, Boonyi together with Bangwon and Moo Hyul sneak into Biguk temple. Choi young plans a secret plot and Lee Sung Gye was asked to go hunting with the king out of sudden and it turns out that Choi Young is actually planning to conquer Liaodong with the help from Yuan.--Natokajun (talk) 05:59, 23 October 2016 (UTC)

Episode 20

Air date : Dec. 8, 2015 PM 22:00

General Choi Young plans to go on a conquest of the Liaodong peninsula despite of many ministers' objection. General Lee Sung Gye tells him that they should not put the people into a state of distress. Meanwhile, Jung Do Jun decides to stage a coup, ordering the members of his organization in the court and in General Lee's private armies in Hamju to move. He suggests to Lee Sung Gye how to avoid the calamity of war. --homura @ soompi

Episodes 21 - 30

Episode 21

Air date : Dec. 14, 2015 PM 22:00

Since Lee Sung Gye's request for a retreat has been refused several times, he finally makes a proposal to Jo Min Soo to withdraw together. Finding out what happened, King Woo orders to execute Bang Woo and Bang Gwa in Seogyung. Meanwhile, Boonyi and Da Kyung begin planning their escape, and Bangwon and Lee Bang Ji deal with Cho Young to save his family and Boonyi. --homura @ soompi

Episode 22

Air date : Dec. 15, 2015 PM 22:00

King Woo calls the escaped Lee Sung Gye's family as rebels, and orders Choi Young to recruit soldiers. Bangwon and Boonyi give directions to the members of their organization to fight against it. Lee Sung Gye's armies break through Sunginmun gate and occupy the palace. Meanwhile, when a song implying "Lee Sung Gye will become a king" spreads in the marketplace, Bangwon and Boonyi chase the person who spread the song. --homura @ soompi

Episode 23

Air Date : Dec. 21, 2015 PM 22:00

Min Soo petitions the new king (King Chang) for the reinstatement of Lee In Gyum, but he is astonished when he heard Lee In Gyum's death from Ha Ryun. Lady Min Da Kyung visits Monk Juk Ryong to get information about Ha Ryun, and Juk Ryong asks her why. Meanwhile, Jung Do Jun went to Lee Sung Gye together with Jo Joon in order to change the land system into "Well-field system". Lee Bang Won faces the spies of Hwasadan on his way back with Jo Joon's research materials. --homura @ soompi

Episode 24

Air Date : Dec. 22, 2015 PM 22:00

After reading Bangwon's face, Ha Ryun sends him a meaningful words. Lee Bang Ji and Moo Hyul is looking for Bangwon. When running into Boonyi, Gil Sun Mi is surprised that she is Yun Hyang's daughter, and let her free. Meanwhile, Yun Hee collapses from shock when she saw Dae Geun. Lee Sung Gye heads to Dohwajun (* Lee In Gyum's mansion) at Jo Min Soo's invitation. --homura @ soompi

Episode 25

Air Date : Dec. 28, 2015 PM 22:00 Lee Bang Ji is shocked when he recognizes Dae Geun, but he does not know what to do after Nam Eun's order not to create an uproar. Moo Hyul notices Bang Ji's unusual expression, and asks Young Kyu to take Bang Ji home. Meanwhile, Jung Do Jun scents a danger when he talks with Ha Ryun. While hearing Dae Geun's talk, Moo Hyul's patience wares out and he attacks Dae Geun first. --homura @ soompi

Episode 26

Air Date : Dec. 29, 2015 PM 22:00

Lee Sung Gye's men are attacked by a man popping out from the pile of corpses. When he fails to kill Lee Sung Gye, he commits suicide. Meanwhile, Bangwon heads to the Tribunal and examines the corpse to find out who he is. The tattoo of the mysterious organization is found on his body. --homura @ soompi

Episode 27

Air Date : Jan. 04, 2016 PM 22:00

Jung Do Jun lets Jung Mong Joo know what he has planned so far. Jung Mong Joo wants this whole plan carried out within Goryeo's territory, and visits Lee Sung Gye to persuade him not to be a usurper. Meanwhile, Kim Song Hak, the government official who is about to leave for land survey is killed. Jung Do Jun finds out he was killed by the secret organization called "Nameless". --homura @ soompi

Episode 28

Air Date : Jan. 05, 2016 PM 22:00

When Bang Ji says their mother is still alive and he will find her, Boonyi tells him that their mom was not kidnapped to begin with. Jung Do Jun says he will persuade Jung Mong Joo til the end, but Jung Mong Joo answers he won't join them to change the dynasty unless he is persuaded. Meanwhile, when visiting Geumwol temple to look for his mother, Bang Ji meets Gil Sun Mi. --homura @ soompi

Episode 29

Air Date : Jan. 11, 2016 PM 22:00

Bangwon has doubt that the former king's gift will arrive at the same time as Bang Ji's absence. (1~3 o'clock PM on the 5th of the month) Lee Bang Ji also realizes that Gil Sun Mi lied to entice him away. Meanwhile, Jung Mong Joo tells Wang Yo to prepare to ascend to the throne. Wang Yo asks for time to consider, but urges Yoon Rang to run away with him. --homura @ soompi

Episode 30

Air Date : Jan. 12, 2016 PM 22:00

Yoon Rang says she will protect Wang Yo, revealing she is Chuk Sa Gwang. Watching her face, Wang Yo determines to drink the antidote. Lee Sung Gye decides to enthrone Prince Jungchang (Wang Yo), and Bangwon suggests Ha Ryun that they share what they know about the "Nameless" organization. Meanwhile, Jung Do Jun and Jung Mong Joo meet at Jangyungak pavilion, and their conversation gives a great shock to Bangwon who eavesdropping behind. --homura @ soompi

Episodes 31 - 40

Episode 31

Air Date : January 18, 2016 PM 22:00

Jung Do Jun's conversation with Jung Mong Joo bugs Bangwon so much, but Bangwon tries his best not to show how much he cares about it. Jung Do Jun orders Bangwon to take charge of anything Cho Young and Nameless get involved in, and directs Yun Hee to take hold of Hwasadan. Meanwhile, Bangwon receives a suggestion from Cho Young who has been detained in a secret place. At last, Bangwon does a hair up in a topknot and announces he's moving out. --homura @ soompi

Episode 32

Air Date : January 19, 2016 PM 22:00

After Yeon Hyang heard Bangwon's message from Cho Young, she goes to see Bangwon and suggests alliance. Gil Sun Mi feels urgency when hearing that Jung Ya (the old lady) went to meet Bangwon in person. Meanwhile, the Nameless puts a tail on Yoon Rang to find out who killed Baek Geun Soo. Jung Do Jun feels difficulty in initiating the land reforms designed by himself, so he burns land registers. --homura @ soompi

Episode 33

Air Date : January 25, 2016 PM 22:00

Nam Chun and Gyung San (* the monks of Biguksa) are looking for the brother and sister from Yiseo County, and Gab Boon lies to the monks that they don't have anyone from there and lets Bangwon know this. On her way back after parting with villagers, Boonyi runs into her mother. Yeon Hyang tells Boonyi cold-heartedly "Don't look for me any more". Meanwhile, Lady Min tells Bangwon "I'm the only one on your side." Bangwon goes to see Juk Ryong of Biguk temple and asks him to keep watch on the movements of King Gongyang, Teacher Poeun, and Teacher Sambong. --homura @ soompi

Episode 34

Air Date : January 26, 2016 PM 22:00

Lee Bang Ji finds that Boonyi met Yeon Hyang. Jung Do Jun is sent to exile in obedience to the royal command. Yeon Hyang plans to stabilize the nation by killing Lee Sung Gye and supporting Jung Mong Joo. Meanwhile, Lee Sung Gye falls off his horse while avoiding a sudden arrow. After hearing the news, Jung Mong Joo tries to oust Lee Sung Gye's faction including Jung Do Jun from the court. --homura @ soompi

Episode 35

Air Date : February 1, 2016 PM 22:00

Jung Mong Joo condemns all of Lee Sung Gye's faction including Jo Joon and Nam Eun to exile. King Gongyang orders to execute them as soon as Chuk Sa Gwang returns after finishing her work. While being on the run with his father, Bangwon finds a house in the mountain and hides in there. Meanwhile, Jung Mong Joo orders Woo Hak Joo to check on Lee Sung Gye's condition and personally visits Lee Sung Gye's house in Gaegyung. --homura @ soompi

Episode 36

Air Date : February 2, 2016 PM 22:00

Lee Bang Ji runs into Chuk Sa Gwang in the place where he is heading with Gabyeolcho warriors. Bangwon and Young Kyu face Jung Mong Joo on Seonjuk bridge. Moo Hyul is surprised to know about Bangwon's plan and rushes out to let them know that the woman protecting Jung Mong Joo is none other than Chuk Sa Gwang. Meanwhile, Myo Sang (* Moo Hyul's grandma) and Boonyi are all worried because Moo Hyul and Bang Ji don't come back. A poster insisting the execution of Bangwon is posted up on the wall in the marketplace. --homura @ soompi

Episode 37

Air Date : February 8, 2016 PM 22:00

Jung Do Jun goes to ask King Gongyang to issue an order to decapitate Jung Mong Joo's body as well as to announce him as a rebel. Bangwon orders Boonyi to find out who put up the posters insisting the execution of Bangwon, he heads to Tongsung village where the real culprits are living together. Meanwhile, Yeon Hyang visits Jung Do Jun. As Confucian scholars who oppose to the new dynasty don't appear in the state examination site, Bangwon takes action to persuade them. --homura @ soompi

Episode 38

Air Date : February 9, 2016 PM 22:00

Lee Sung Gye hears the news that Bangwon set fire to Doomoon village. Sadaebu bureaucrats and Confucian scholars ends up changing their mind and returning to government service. Yeon Hee warns Boonyi to keep her distance from Bangwon. Bangwoo disappears leaving a message that he will kill himself if they try to find him. Meanwhile, the chief priest of Geumwol temple tells Lady Kang (Queen Shinduk) that Bang Suk will die young unless he becomes a king. Therefore, Bangwon goes to see Juk Ryong of Biguk temple. --homura @ soompi

Episode 39

Air Date : February 15, 2016 PM 22:00

Lee Sung Gye tells Jung Do Jun to protect Bang Suk. Bangwon is shadowed by someone. Bangwon and Da Kyung don't find Bangwon's name on the poster of founding contributors. Jung Do Jun has exclusive authority over military as well as finance and personnel. Meanwhile, Bang Gwa and Bang Gan go to see Bangwon upon hearing the news of the Crown Prince. Yeon Hee tells Boonyi to return to her hometown. --homura @ soompi

Episode 40

Air Date : February 16, 2016 PM 22:00

Jung Do Jun orders Biwol (* Hwasadan spy) to deliver the red envelope from Moenpa (* the chief of Jurchen tribe) to Yeon Hee. Master Yooksan is aware of it and tries to intercept it. Seon Dol (* The little boy from Boonyi's organization) and Chil Bok also chase the red envelope. Meanwhile, Lee Shin Juk goes to see Bangwon because he doesn't like Sambong to work only with Yeon Hee. Cho Young also heads to Bangwon after receiving someone's letter. --homura @ soompi

Episodes 41 - 50

Episode 41

Air Date : February 22, 2016 PM 22:00

Both Cho Young and Lee Shin Juk are arrested and tortured in the Tribunal, and Cho Young offers him her help. Ha Ryun tells Bang Gwa and Bang Gan that they should petition the king to deal with Bangwon's case after cross-examination between Cho Young and Bangwon. Meanwhile, Bang Ji refuses Yeon Hyang's advice to leave Jung Do Jun, saying he should keep Boon Yi's dream. Bangwon accepts Jung Do Jun's suggestion of leaving for Ming China as an envoy. --homura @ soompi

Episode 42

Air Date : February 23, 2016 PM 22:00

Moo Hyul is in peril of death after he put his sword on Ming Prince Zhu Di's throat to protect Bangwon. Bangwon suggests Zhu Di to make Moo Hyul dies from fighting till the end, and Zhu Di accepts it. Meanwhile, Lee Sung Gye orders the execution of Wang Yo (King Gongyang). Wang Yo leaves a letter that Yoon Rang (Chuk Sa Gwang) should survive. --homura @ soompi

Episode 43

Air Date : February 29, 2016 PM 22:00

Moo Hyul is excited to hear those from Nanjing have returned alive and safely, he then reunited with Bangwon and they both have changed much at appearance. Jung Do Jun feels threatened to know that Bangwon has returned and Moomyung has appeared again. Back in Hanyang, Moo Hyul accidentally discovered Yoon Rang, meanwhile Bangwon was surprised to hear the news of private soldiers being suppressed by military reform...--Natokajun (talk) 11:59, 12 November 2016 (UTC)

Episode 44

Air Date : March 01, 2016 PM 22:00

Lee Sung Gye doesn't want to send Jung Do Jun to Ming China, but Ha Ryun and Min Je tells the king he should. Jo Mal Saeng leads Confucian scholars for a joint petition to the king that Jung Do Jun should be sent to Ming China. Accordingly, Jung Do Jun tells Lee Sung Gye that he would resign all the government posts. Meanwhile, Lady Kang (Queen Shinduk) asks Bangwon to take care of her son Bang Suk. After the queen passes away, Lee Sung Gye goes away somewhere. --homura @ soompi

Episode 45

Air Date : March 07, 2016 PM 22:00

As Joseon envoys were killed by Ming Emperor, Lee Sung Gye declares the conquest of Liaodong and issues a royal command to assemble in the military training ground. Bangwon, Bang Gwa, and Bang Gan take their iron tags off their armor and hand them over. Jung Do Jun announces that all the private armies in Joseon have been dissolved. Meanwhile, Young Kyu is panic when the weapons warehouse is caught by a kid and Chuk Sa Gwang. --homura @ soompi

Episode 46

Air Date : March 08, 2016 PM 22:00

Bangwon feels sorry for Boonyi who already knows Young Kyu's death happened in Banchon, and tells her she should make a good decision if the day comes. Lee Sung Gye suggests the Liaodong expedition to Bang Gwa and Bang Gan, and Jung Do Jun decides its date and tries to create a sentiment in favor of war. Meanwhile, following to Ha Ryun's letter, Moo Hyul finds out the date when Lee Sook Bun comes to the capital. Bangwon finally decides to attack Jung Do Jun. --homura @ soompi

Episode 47

Air Date : March 14, 2016 PM 22:00

“I'm exhausted, Bangwon-ah...” Boonyi realizes Bangwon has moved after finding out that only empty boxes are left in the armoury. Monk Juk Ryong lures Bang Ji out using Yun Hee as bait. Bangwon goes to Lee Sook Bun to mobilize his troops. Meanwhile, Lee Sung Gye finds out Bangwon attacked the three armed services. Woo Hak Joo who is in Sungkyunkwan informs Bangwon of Jung Do Jun's location. --homura @ soompi

Episode 48

Air Date : March 15, 2016 PM 22:00

Ha Ryun gives orders to capture all the Jung Do Jun's remnants including Jung Do Gwang and to throw away Jung Do Jun's corpse to a hill. Finding Bang Ji and Moo Hyul fighting each other until daybreak, Boonyi stops them and informs Bang Ji of Jung Do Jun's death. Meanwhile, Jo Joon submits a Royal Rescript given by Ha Ryun to Lee Sung Gye. Bangwon goes to Lee Ji Ran and asked him to persuade Lee Sung Gye. Nam Eun tells Lee Shin Juk to watch for an opportunity under Bangwon. --homura @ soompi

Episode 49

Air Date : March 21, 2016 PM 22:00

"I came to convey a message that you should spit up the worm." Bangwon prepares to get rid of 3 bases and key persons of Nameless. Nameless is also preparing for striking Bangwon in a banquet. Myo Sang incurs Banchon people's hatred because of the hidden armoury in her tavern, and Moo Hyul tries to leave Bangwon for the sake of his granny. Boonyi asks Bangwon to save Banchon people's lives and tells him that she would also leave him. Bangwon asks her to marry him in order to hold her. Meanwhile, Chuk Sa Gwang comes to meet Boonyi to say good-bye. She declines Boonyi's offer to leave together, saying she has her own thing to do. --homura @ soompi

Episode 50

Air Date : March 22, 2016 PM 22:00

"People's dream... Don't forget about that."

Moo Hyul comes back to save Bangwon and fights with Gil Sun Mi. Chuk Sa Gwang appears in order to kill the five enemies she defined as sinners and makes a killing fight with Bang Ji. Master Yooksan tries to kill Yeon Hyang after realizing that she already knows Bang Ji is her son. Boonyi departs for the island (Moohaeng-do) after leaving her farewell letter to Bangwon. Meanwhile, two years later, Bang Gwa abdicates and Bangwon ascends the throne. --homura @ soompi