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Kaze no Haruka - Week 3 Synopsis[edit]

About Week 3

"Family's New Start"
Episodes 13 thru 18
(2005/10/17 Mon thru 2005/10/22 Sat NHK)

Haruka - Heroine
Yosuke - Haruka's father
Yuko - Haruka's mother
Asuka - Haruka's younger sister
Mitsuyo - Haruka's aunt
Hifumi - Haruka's uncle
Chii - Haruka's grandmother
Sokichi - Masami's father
Momoe - Masami's step-mother
Keitaro - The caped stranger
Kenji - Yuko's boyfriend
Fujisawa-san - Manager of Yufuin Tourist Assn.

Episode 13 through 18 (ep15 - 18.2)

It's now been 10 years since the restaurant went out of business. With Yosuke's debt and Haruka's future job all but gone, Haruka must now find a way to make money so that she can send Asuka to Meiho University. Although Asuka received a scholorship to the school, Haruka promised to help her with housing and other expenses. After searching around outside of Yufuin, Haruka discovers that there are no job openings in the entire Oita Prefecture. So she returns home with Karugamo, a stuffed bird mascot for the now-bankrupt bank she was supposed to work at.

Haruka's next stop is the Yufuin Tourist Association Office, where she currently works part-time. Mr. Fujisawa isn't interetsed in hiring her full-time because although she has the energy to do well at the office, she doesn't have the brains or the heart that is required to work in the tourist industry. She lacks the art of hospitality as well as expert knowledge of the Yufuin area and its people. Meanwhile, Sokichi offers Haruka a job working at Kurata Inn, but the money made as a trainee isn't enough.

Back at Chii's home, she offers Haruka and Yosuke some money she's saved up. Mitsuyo is totally against giving them money seeing they themselves aren't doing that well financially - especially seeing the fact that they can't even send their own son, Yukio, to college. Yosuke eventually turns down the offer. Mitsuyo thinks Yuko should be the one to help out Asuka, seeing that Yuko has a successful career as a CPA, although she's yet to send to Asuka and Haruka a single yen. But Haruka doesn't see the need for her mom's help. Yuko left her family, and up to now the three of them have made ends meet despite the money problems and without Yuko's help. Matter of fact, Haruka hasn't even open the birthday cards Yuko sent her the past 10 years.

The next day, Yosuke decides to sell the restaurant, and use the money towards Asuka's education. For Haruka, this means Yosuke has given up the idea of ever re-opening the restaurant. Later, Asuka tells Haruka she should consider leaving Yufuin to seek better opportunities, given the fact that she has sacrificed her whole life to her family and not caring for her own well-being. Haruka soon understands this fact, realizing she hasn't set any goals for her own future. Seeing how bad off the Mizuno family is, Mitsuyo and Hifumi takes matter into their own hands by calling Yuko and demanding that she help out Asuka. Yuko hangs up on them, but is happy to hear that Asuka is deciding to leave Yufuin and come to Tokyo.

Later in the day, Sokichi and Chii bring over a realto to Yosuke's restaurant. After appraising the property, the realtor tells Yosuke the building isn't worth anything - primarily because of its lousy location and view of Yufuin. Sokichi jokes around, saying it would be better if they blew the place up with dynamite and charged a fee to watch. Back to seriousness, Sokichi reads a magazine featuring Asuka's win of the literacy writing award. An idea then pops in his head: Yufuin, the town, should buy the restaurant and turn it into a literary museum. The Yufuin Association likes the idea, and Yosuke agrees to the purchase. The museum will ride on Asuka's popularity as a writer, and boost tourism in the area.

Haruka tells the Yufuin Tourist Association that the restaurant is not for sale.

Later in the evening, Haruka receives a phone call from Yuko. Knowing their financial situation, Yuko offers to help out Asuka with money. Without consulting the others, Haruka quickly turns down the offer, telling Yuko they'll figure out a way themselves - without her help. Later on, Haruka notices that Yosuke is not himself, and figures that he is not happy about selling off the restaraunt and not achieving his dream of re-opening. The night of the meeting to discuss the literary museum idea, she realizes that losing the restaurant is not in the best interest of the family. So she barges into to the meeting and tells everyone the restaurant is not for sale. She then runs out of the meeting and back home. In desparation, she call Yuko and begs her to help Asuka, although she is totally against asking Yuko for help. Yuko knowing this, instead of giving money to Asuka, Yuko offers Haruka a chance to earn the money herself - working in Osaka, and live in her apartment so that she can send the money she earns to Asuka. She also tells Haruka to grow up, seeing she's going to be 20 next month.

Haruka breaks the news to Yosuke that she's going to move to Osaka.

Realizing that Yuko knew her exact age, Haruka opens up a box of un-opened birthday cards to her from Yuko. Counting the number of envelopes, there are exactly eight of them - one for each year since the separation from each other (12th through 19th birthdates.) Haruka soon realizes that it is her stubborness that kept the two of them apart, seeing Yuko remembered to wish her a happy birthday each year and that overall she still loves her daughter. Haruka still hates her mom, but at the same time she really wants to see her. Later, Yosuke encourages her to leave Yufuin and move to Osaka. He likes the idea of being able to brag about Haruka to the townspeople. She wonders what "things" he can brag about. Yosuke says she has "the charm of cotton candy", in that she gathers the wind (kaze or 風) and grow bigger and bigger. She decides to make the move, but vows that after she grows a little, she'll come back to Yufuin.

Haruka looks at Yufu-dake for the last time.

March finally arrives, the month Asuka moves to Tokyo. Asuka has the gitters, and later breaks down crying, saying she's afraid to fail as a writer. And worst of all, be separated from Haruka. To give Asuka inspiration to move on, Haruka gives her the dragon's scale as a lucky charm. Haruka's time is also up, as she prepares to leave Yufuin and live in Osaka. Yuko was able to find Haruka a full-time job.

Keitaro rescues Haruka from the stranger.

Arriving in Osaka, Haruka walks through the city totally lost. A man runs into her, claiming to be a beautician and tries to swindle her into giving her a free haircut. Walking to his beauty parlor, a strange man wearing a hat and cape grabs Haruka's arm, pull her away from the beautician, and drags her off to a nearby temple. He tells her the beautician was trying to sucker her into a "catch sale", where he offers a girl from the country a free haircut, and then tries to push some really expensive cosmetics. He says not to trust anyone in Osaka because it is an irachi (いらち) town (Osaka dialect word meaning people there are in a rush, impatient, and short tempered.) Haruka asks why she should trust him seeing he's also a total stranger. He says they're not... Awhile back, they actually bathed together in the nude at Kurata Inn (week 2). Finally remembering, she runs off, calling him a pervert.

Running away, she unknowingly drops Yuko's telephone number onto the ground. Luckily, she had Yuko's home address written in her notebook. Arriving at Yuko's doorway, she suddenly sees a man walking out of Yuko's apartment with a lot of stuff, including a pair of "I Love You" mugs. They don't say much to each other, but Haruka realizes he is Yuko's live-in boyfriend. And Yuko never mentioned him. Upset, she runs off into the city. Walking around with no place to go, she suddenly runs into another salesman, this time a young man selling octopus takoyaki (a dumpling made of eggs, ans is considered fastfood in Osaka.) Haruka recognizes the young man as Masami, but then asks him why he's in Osaka instead of studying in Hawaii. He realizes who she is, and the fact that no one in Yufuin should know he's in Osaka, and soon runs off screaming. Right afterwards, from a distance, Yuko and her boyfriend finds Haruka. Yuko runs up to Haruka and introduces herself. This is the first time in ten years Haruka has seen her mother.

So the question is: How will Haruka handle the idea of living with Yuko? And, why didn't Yuko tell Haruka about her live-in boyfriend?

--- Synopsis written by Groink 21:04, 16 Apr 2006 (EDT)

Week 3 Notes[edit]

73rd NHK Asadora - Kaze no Haruka
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