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Kaze no Haruka - Week 2 Synopsis[edit]

About Week 2

"Goodbye, Mom"
Episodes 7 thru 12
(2005-Oct-10 Mon thru 2005-Oct-15 Sat NHK)

Haruka - Heroine
Yosuke - Haruka's father
Yuko - Haruka's mother
Asuka - Haruka's younger sister
Chii - Yuko's mother
Mitsuyo - Yuko's sister
Hifumi - Mitsuyo's husband
Masami - Haruka's classmate
Soukichi - Masami's father
Momoe - Masami's mother-in-law
Nanae - Haruka's classmate
Tomoya - Nanae's brother
Hamaguchi-sensei - Haruka's homeroom teacher

Episode 7 through 12 (ep8 - 17.9)

Despite Haruka’s wish made to the legendary dragon, her parents Yuko and Yosuke ended up getting a divorce. As for what will happen to Haruka and Asuka remains to be seen. The day after the trip to Lake Seisen, Yuko asks Haruka and Asuka to come straight home after school because she has some things to go over with them. Haruka is still optimistic about her parents getting back together, basically because it is her wish.

At school, Haruka shows Hamaguchi-sensei the dragon scale she caught that night. Right afterwards, the vice-principal walks in and asks Nanae to come with him. Soon, she leaves the school for the day. The kids speculate it is because Toyoma had to return to the hospital.

On their way back home, Asuka asks Haruka if she can see the dragon scale. While Asuka admires it once more, Haruka suggests that they loan the dragon scale to Tomoya, so that it'll help him recover from his illness. Asuka becomes emotionally upset over the idea because she's worried that their wishes won't come true if they don't have the dragon scale in their posession. So, Haruka walks away, leaving Asuka at the trail crying. Haruka makes a quick trip to the hospital to drop off the dragon scale. On her way out of the hospital, she runs into Nanae. Nanae's wondering what Haruka's doing at the hospital. When Nanae walks into Tomoya's room, she sees the dragon scale sitting on the counter next to him, and then realizes it came from Haruka.

Once Haruka gets back home (late), Yuko is just about to leave for her trip back to Osaka. Asuka already decided she wants to be with Yuko. Yuko asks Haruka what she wants to do. Very upset, she screams, "I hate you!" at Yuko, Yosuke and Asuka, and races out of the house. Yosuke chases after her but lags quite a bit behind. Quickly, Haruka's life is falling apart.

After Yosuke catches up with Haruka, they talk a bit about his dreams. Back at the house, Haruka decides she's going to stay with Yosuke in Yufuin, and help him fulfill his dream. Yuko, although quite disappointed over Haruka's decision, will live with it.

The next day, Nanae finds Haruka laying in the grass staring at the sky. Moved by Haruka's gesture with the dragon scale, Nanae asks Haruka to be her friend, and then quickly walks away. Later that day, Haruka hangs out at the pool with her friends, while Yuko and Asuka at home prepares for the final trip back to Osaka. Haruka doesn't even meet them at the train station, and Asuka is very disppointed.

Yuko and Asuka get on the train and head for Osaka.

On the train, Asuka is totally silent while Yuko tries to talk to her. Then as Yuko looks out the window, she sees Haruka in the distance. Asuka pops her head out the window and screams out for her. She then runs away from Yuko and forces the train to stop. Once stopped, Asuka races out of the train. Yuko quickly grabs her, but Asuka is able to shake herself loose and run towards Haruka. Yuko crouches down and starts to cry, realizing she's also going to lose Asuka. Yuko could've gripped harder, but she realizes that Asuka can't live without Haruka, seeing she's been with her all her life.

Back home, Yosuke is shocked to see Asuka. The next day, the Mizuno clan, along with the rest of the Kanzaki clan has a picnic. While Yosuke and Yuko walk away for a discussion, Haruka asks Chii if they still love each other. Chii basically says that although they do love each other, they have totally different dreams. And, one can't just give up on the dream for another. Later that night, Yuko finally goes back to Osaka.

One month later, the wreck of a house becomes a really nice white house with green trim. And, Yosuke is close to opening his restaurant. Meanwhile, Haruka is even closer with her schoolmates. And, she becomes close friends with Tomoya, visiting him at the hospital on a regular basis. Haruka also participates in school activities, such as dodgeball and short distance running (of course, Nanae beats her all the time.)

Back at home, Haruka, Asuka and Yosuke write to Yuko on a regular basis. However, she never writes back. And, they work together, preparing meals and preparing for the restaurant's opening. One day, Yosuke is by himself trying to brainstorm ideas for the restaurant's name. He then decides on the name ゆうこ, which is hiragana for Yuko (well, it's actually Yuuko, but NHK doesn't use that romaji.)

At the restaurant, Momoe walks in give Yosuke the ownership papers to the house. She then starts asking questions about why he decided to come to Yufuin. Momoe is actually originally from Tokyo, and it appears that she also wonders why she came to Yufuin. Yosuke basically says that he worked hard as a salaryman for Teikado Shoji (a food product company), but it affected his relationship with his family. He also shares with her his dream of opening the restaurant so that he and his family can be together. That seems to inspire Momoe very much, in that she didn't give any thought about her dreams, seeing she rushed into the marriage with Soukichi and became the mistress of the inn. But despite being in her situation, she walks off with the intent to try really hard at making things work out for herself.

At the hospital, Tomoya fails to overcome his illness, and eventually passes away. Hamaguchi-sensei breaks the news to the kids. Concerned for Nanae, the kids race out of the classroom and head for Nanae's home. When they arrive, they find out that a bunch of people are also outside, but they're looking for their money for various things - including the hospital bill. They come to find out that Nanae and her parents escaped from Yufuin in the middle of the night, leaving the hospital bill, the bank loans, and the loan from Soukichi unpaid. They were very poor, so they couldn't afford to cover the debt. That's the last Haruka and her friends would see or hear of Nanae.

When Haruka returned home from school, she found an envelope in the mailbox, left by Nanae. In the envelope was the dragon scale. In the enclosed letter:

Dear Haruka,

Thank you for the dragon's scale. My wish wasn't granted, but I think my brother was able to meet the dragon at the lake. So I want to thank you. I'll never forget you, our school or what happened at Seirin for the rest of my life. We'll have to put off competing in our race until we meet again.

Goodbye... Thank you... Nanae

The next morning, Haruka sobs continuously. She's upset because her mom doesn't write back, none of their wishes came true, and that overall God is picking on them. Chii holds Haruka and comforts her. She says, "When you cry even though the wind (kaze) blows and the skies are blue, your tears will still come. No one can stop them. There's nothing we can do. But for some reason, no matter how much you cry, you still have the power to open your eyes once again, and greet the morning."

Yosuke, Haruka, and Asuka stand outside the restaurant, ready for opening day.

As the days go by, Yosuke is getting closer to opening his restaurant. Opening date is October 27, which is also Yuko's birthday. At the hot spring inn, the kids get together to brainstorm how they can get Haruka's mom to attend the opening. Masami's idea is to create a petition, having the town's people sign a scroll and then mail it to Osaka. He says to sumotsukuren the dragon, which basically means they will no longer rely on the dragon and instead do everything themselves.

Yosuke finally prepares the Italian spaghetti dish he's been trying to prefect and brings it to Soukichi for a taste test. Soukichi tries it, and although it is good, it doesn't impress him that much.

Yuko never did show up for the opening. Two years after the opening, the restaurant is closed due to bankruptcy. Yosuke now has a huge debt with his creditors.

Asuka and Haruka have grown up.

Eight years have now gone by. Haruka is now 19 years old, and Asuka is 17. Haruka attends the nearby junior college, while Asuka attends high school. Asuka's college test scores is the highest in Oita Prefecture. Because the family is poor, Asuka is left with applying at Oita National University, although though they can't even afford that. She's also embarrassed by the family's situation, and puts all the blame on her dad. On the other hand, Haruka is angry with Yuko, and she hasn't spoken to her mom since she left for Osaka ten years earlier.

Haruka, hard at work at the union office.

For money, Yosuke works at various places, such as cleaning hot spring tubs and picking vegetables. Haruka works part-time at the labor union office, and also makes luggage deliveries to the Kurata Inn. All the money they earn is collected in a glass jar, and goes towards paying off the debt. Haruka also nailed down a full-time job at a bank in Oita, to start next year.

Haruka meets up with her old friends - all of them 19 years old. Mariko and Satoshi are seeing each other. And, Masami is studying abroad in Hawaii. Hamaguchi-sensei also meets up with them. he asks Haruka if her dad could once again prepare a spaghetti meal for them. And Yosuke fulfills the request. Everyone enjoys the meal.

Later that night, Asuka receives a phone call from a man informing her she won a prestigious literacy writing award. She's the youngest winner ever. What Yosuke and Haruka don't realize is that Asuka's paper is about a broken family. Soon, reporters, including NHK, flood into Yufuin to interview Asuka. A few days later, Asuka travels to Tokyo to accept the award. During her stay in Tokyo, she receives an offer to attend Meiho University (a much better school than what's in Yufuin) on a full scholarship.

During a swim at the Kurata Inn, Mariko tells Haruka that Masami quit school in Hawaii and disappeared. No one knows where he is. Mariko mentions that Satoshi is leaving for Fukuoka the next day, so she quickly crawls out of the hot spring and takes off, leaving Haruka alone. While Haruka sits there with a long face, a man by the name of Keitaro pops into the hot spring - not realizing that Haruka is still in there. They're both embarassed. Keitaro offers to get out of the hot spring. Haruka recognizes the Osaka dialect spoken by Keitaro, so she wonders if he's from Osaka.

When Asuka returns to Yufuin, she gets together with Haruka, her dad, and the Kanzaki clan. for dinner. There, she announce her intent to take the university on their offer. However, she doesn't want to leave Haruka. But, she quickly starts talking bad about her dad, where it's all his fault for putting them in the situation they're in now. And even worse, she regrets not going back to Osaka with her mom. Haruka is very upset, and shoves Asuka down to the ground. Although Asuka is an ungrateful b**ch, Haruka makes an offer to help Asuka with her tuition.

But bad news arrives the next day. Haruka discovers that the Oita bank is closed for business, due to money problems. In Osaka, Yuko, now a certified accountant, hears about the bank's closure on the TV news. What's Haruka going to do now? She can't break her promise to help Asuka with her tuition, but she can't exactly afford it with the kind of money she's making now.

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Week 2 Notes[edit]

73rd NHK Asadora - Kaze no Haruka
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