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Kaze no Haruka - Week 1 Synopsis[edit]

About Week 1

"I've Come to a Soothing Town"
Episodes 1 thru 6
(2005-Oct-03 Mon thru 2005-Oct-08 Sat NHK)

Haruka - Heroine
Yosuke - Haruka's father
Yuko - Haruka's mother
Asuka - Haruka's younger sister
Chii - Yuko's mother
Mitsuyo - Yuko's sister
Hifumi - Mitsuyo's husband
Masami - Haruka's classmate
Soukichi - Masami's father
Momoe - Masami's mother-in-law
Nanae - Haruka's classmate
Tomoya - Nanae's brother

Episode 1 through 6 (ep4 - 18.7)

Mizuno Haruka is a nine-year-old girl, who has been living in Osaka her whole life. The series opens with Mizuno Yosuke moving from Osaka to Yufuin, taking along his entire family, including his wife Yuko, and their daugthers Haruka and Asuka. Yufuin is a town in Oita Prefecture, known for their hot springs and spa resorts.

Yosuke, Haruka, and Asuka race through the fields to get to their new home.

Earlier, Yosuke quit his job at a trading company in Osaka. His dream is to run an Italian restaurant in Yufuin, providing a place for families to visit and spend quality time together. Yosuke also hopes to do the same with his family.

Why Yufuin? Yuko was actually born and raised in Yufuin. Her mother, Kanzaki Chii, along with her sister-in-law Mitsuyo and brother Hifumi still live there. When Yuko turned 18, she ran away from home and moved to Osaka to start a new life in the city, and to get away from the country life of Yufuin. She met Yosuke in Osaka, got pregnant by accident, and soon got married. Yuko really didn't want to get married and become a housewife. Her dream was to earn her Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certification. But instead she raised Haruka and Asuka, and on the side worked at the accounting office of Kitamuki Junko.

One night, she was going to share her dream with Yosuke, but instead Yosuke broke the news about his dream of moving to Yufuin and opening the restaurant. With that, he quit his job, told Yuko to do the same, and sell the apartment. So while Yuko stayed back at Osaka to care of the last-minute tasks, Yosuke took the girls and moved to Yufuin and settled in a beat-up two-floor house that hasn't been lived-in for almost 20 years.

But Yuko being alone by herself gave her some time to think things over. As a result, she decided to keep her job, keep the apartment, and stay in Osaka. But what about her family?

Yufuin is a typical small town, where everyone knows each other. Yosuke has no blood relatives in Yufuin, so he must rely on Yuko's family for support. Chii, his mother-in-law, is actually very happy that Yosuke decided to bring the kids up in the country. The environment is even good for Asuka's asthma condition.

The first morning, Yosuke brings Haruka and Asuka to school. Haruka's homeroom teacher is Hamaguchi Yusuke, who's also a magician as a hobby. Haruka also meets up with her classmates. Her class has less than ten students. Kurata Masami is one of them. He invites Haruka and the others to his dad's hot spring resort. While swimming in the hot spring, Masami's dad, Kurata Soukichi, rushes in raging mad because they're not supposed to swim in the hot spring with swim trunks. Although Haruka's first run-in with Soukichi is a negative one, he is actually a very nice man. Earlier, Soukichi marries Momoe, a very pretty woman who is about 20 years younger.

Another classmate of Haruka's is Kiuchi Nanae. Nanae is quite a bitter girl. Right off the bat, she already thinks negatively of Haruka, probably because Haruka is a city girl. Nanae has a few problems of her own. Her brother Tomoya is suffering from a form of tuberculosis, and has to be wheeled to and from the hospital in a wheelchair. She also has problems with her dad. And if those problems weren't enough, the family is very poor.

A few days after the Mizuno family moved into Yufuin, Yuko finally shows up. However, instead of joining the rest of the family, she asks Yosuke for a divorce. She is quite angry over Yosuke's decision to move to Yufuin and everything that comes with it. She also wants the kids to come back with her to Osaka. She then stays at her mother's place for the night. That's where she breaks the news to Chii, Mitsuyo and Hifumi. All three of them are very unhappy with Yuko's decision. Prior to this issue, the relation between Yuko and her immediate family wasn't that good. And with the divorce, the strain on the relationship just gets worse.

Yuko breaks the news to the girls about the divorce.

The next day, Yuko comes back to their new home, and that's when she breaks the news to Haruka and Asuka. The girls are totally devastated by the news. Asuka, being the younger of the two girls, breaks out in tears, while Haruka controls herself. Chii and Mitsuyo also overhears the conversation, and rushes into the house to console the girls.

Haruka participates in the yelling contest.

The following day, Yuko travels back to Osaka. That same day, the folks in Yufuin holds an annual beef eating festival, along with a yelling contest. Everyone in the city flocks over to the base of Mt. Yufudake and enjoys the barbecue beef and vegetables. The yelling contest allows for the city folks to yell as loud as they can whatever is on their mind. The person who is the loudest is declared the winner. Haruka comes up to the platform and screams, "DAD, DON'T GET A DIVORCE!!!!!!!!!!!!" Yosuke is shocked to hear Haruke say something like that - especially in front of the whole town. So he goes up to the platform and screams to Haruka and Asuka how sorry he is, and that despite the divorce and everything, he wants to achieve his dream of opening the restaurant, and that he hopes the girls will support him. The whole town claps in appreciation. Chii is even more impressed with Yosuke than ever. She's now going to give him her full support and actually go against her daughter, Yuko.

The next day, Chii steals Mitsuyo's life savings and travels by train to Osaka. She arrives at the accounting office where Yuko works. Yuko is very shocked. During lunch at a public restaurant, Chii and Yuko get in a heated argument. Chii breaks it to Yuko that she's totally behind Yosuke and Yuko can basically take a hike. This makes Yuko even more determined to get the kids and bring them back to Osaka as soon as possible.

By the next day, Haruka is totally out of energy. She sits in class speechless. Hamaguchi-sensei then tells the students the story the legendary dragon that lives in the Lake Seisen. When the moon reaches its full status, the dragon blasts out of the lake and travels to the moon. Once this happens, the people witnessing the event can then make a wish. This brings Haruka's spirits up. But the trip to the lake at night is quite dangerous. But still, she wants to check it out so that she can make a wish so that her parents won't get a divorce, and that their mom can come and live with them in Yufuin.

Later that night, Haruka notices that there's a full moon out. Haruka and Asuka sneaks out of the house and walks over to the Kurata home. She wakes Masami up, telling him she wants to go to the lake. So Masami makes phone calls to the other classmates to meet up at the beginning of the trail to the river. In pitch darkness with just a flashlight, the kids hike to the river.

Soon after, Yuko comes over to the house with divorce papers. Yosuke signs the papers, and Yuko thanks him for giving her back her freedom. Yuko then goes upstairs to wake the girls and break the news, where she discovers the girls are gone. Yuko and Yosuke go in a panic, and immediately races over to the Kurata home. Soon, Soukichi and the other parents find out their kids are also gone. They then contact Hamaguchi-sensei. He immediately thinks the kids are at the lake seeing it is a full moon.

Once the kids get to the river, it's totally dark, with no full moon in sight. After a bit of waiting, the thick clouds break up, and the full moon shines, brightening the whole lake area. And then all of a sudden, a glowing dragon blasts out of the lake and travels straight up to the moon. A little bit later, a scale from the dragon slowly floats down, and Haruka is able to catch it. With it, Haruka makes her wish, wishing that her parents won't get divorced. Asuka wishes for her mom to return to Yufuin and live with them. Nanae wishes for Tomoya to get better. Soon after, she hears the voice of her mom yelling her and Asuka's name. Soon, all the families are back together once again. Did the wish actually come true?

The Mizuno family then takes one final look at the lake. As the story ends for Week 1, that night is the last time the family is together in happiness.

--- written by Groink 23:56, 18 Dec 2005 (EST)

Week 1 Notes[edit]

73rd NHK Asadora - Kaze no Haruka
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