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This list below is generated with a small maintenance script using the following SQL query:

SELECT img_name, img_user_text, img_timestamp, img_size
FROM $image LEFT JOIN $imagelinks ON img_name=il_to WHERE il_to IS NULL
ORDER BY img_timestamp DESC LIMIT 100

The purpose of this list is to identify further candidates for deletion. Note that some of the listed images should not be marked for deletion if:

  • The uploader just forgot to include the image in an article (→ include it in the appropriate article)
  • The image was replaced by an image of lower quality (→ reuse that image and mark the newer one for deletion)
  • The image might be used in an article in the near future

List of recently uploaded but unused images[edit]

list generated with listImages script on Fri, 2012 Oct 19 01:34:03

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