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Heya, I think you might've misunderstood Groink. He said Dramas, movies and CMs. He probably only took out the CM section 'cos it's empty --A10203040 23:06, 23 May 2006 (EDT)

I understand!!

New Japanese artist and TV show specs[edit]

The specs you're currently using are out-of-date. Please review the following articles:

Japanese TV Show Article Formatting
Japanese Artist Article Formatting
Romanization of Japanese

Groink 18:36, 29 Jun 2006 (EDT)

Improve search[edit]

Hmm.. can't think of any better ways, you can try using the google search function also on the left or go through the Category:KDrama list(if you know the year, you can narrow it down the list to something like Category:KDrama2006) --A10203040 12:06, 29 Sep 2006 (EDT)

Oh ya, you can also use the What links here function in the toolbox on the left if the other page is already linking to the article. --A10203040 12:15, 29 Sep 2006 (EDT)

Korean personal names[edit]

Hi, I need your help. I'm thinking of putting in writing at least a preferred romanization method for dealing with Korean personal names in dramawiki, such as using uh over eo or oo over u. This is what I've compiled so far, I hope that you can have a look at it and see if the list is workable and how it can be improved.

The use of the preferred method is only for the ease of linking dramas to their respective artist pages, in the end, all popular spellings of the artist will be put in the Also known as: section in the artist info page. --A10203040 08:41, 14 Nov 2006 (CST)

Hi, thanks for replying, I moved your reply to user talk:A10203040/Korean personal names, so hopefully we can have a discussion about this there :)--A10203040 13:04, 15 Nov 2006 (CST)

I've reformatted the Korean Personal Names Romanization Preferences list to how it will look like in it's final form, along with Romanization of Hangul guidelines. Please have a look and comment on what you think of it and if any changes should made to them. Thanks --A10203040 07:02, 17 Nov 2006 (CST)


Hi, please have a look and see if the draft Korean guidelines are ok with you. --A10203040 11:32, 20 Nov 2006 (CST)

I made final changes to the [Korean Personal Names Romanization Preferences] to leave an exception for sh(시) in ㅅ and to make the usage of h in ㅏ, ㅓ, ㅗ, ㅜ clearer. If you're ok with the changes, I'll be moving the guidelines into DramaWiki. Thanks --A10203040 01:12, 26 Nov 2006 (CST)

I've just posted the guidelines, they're now in the below locations, you can access them through the Help page and Style guide or click on on of the links below. Thanks for your help. --A10203040 13:39, 29 Nov 2006 (CST)


Moved your comment to my talk page. I'm not too sure what you mean about pictures not corresponding to standard. If you're referring to the pictures not being of the correct size, eg full body image instead of concentrating on the face, a simple crop using paint or some other img program can easily solve this. If it's about him being in costume. I suppose there is really little we can do about it, I think it'll be ok to add it, but hopefully it can be replaced when one that depicts him/her out of costume is found. --A10203040 12:42, 20 Nov 2006 (CST)

Date Formatting[edit]

Don't change the date formatting. Keep them at YYYY-MMM-DD, as we've agreed upon in the style guide. Groink 14:52, 24 Dec 2006 (CST)


Hey, I was just wondering where you get all the info of the actors and actress height, weight, etc....?