List of Dramas aired in Korea by KBS1

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  • List of Dramas aired in Korea by KBS1 sorted by date and timeslot.
  • Only drama timeslots that are usually used to air first-time locally airing dramas are listed.
  • Currently airing TV Shows are highlighted.

KBS1 Monday to Friday/Saturday Morning (~7:50/8:05 AM)

Title Start Date End Date
Monday to Friday Morning
Glory of Youth 2009-Jan-05 2009-Apr-17
Big Sister 2008-Jun-09 2009-Jan-02
Belle 2007-Nov-12 2008-Jun-06
Landscape in My Heart 2007-Apr-30 2007-Nov-09
Title Start Date End Date
Monday to Saturday Morning
Sunok 2006-Nov-06 2007-Apr-28
As the River Flows 2006-Mar-20 2006-Nov-04
Hometown Station 2005-Aug-29 2006-Mar-18
Wind Flower 2005-Jan-31 2005-Apr-22
You are a Star 2004-Jun-14 2005-Jan-29
Briar Flower 2003-Nov-17 2004-Jun-12
Buni 2003-Apr-21 2003-Nov-15
Album of Life 2002-Aug-05 2003-Apr-19
Stepmother 2001-Nov-05 2002-Aug-03
Flower Story 2001-Apr-23 2001-Nov-03

KBS1 Monday to Friday Night (8:25 PM)

Title Start Date End Date
8:25 PM on KBS1
Unpredictable Family 2023-Sep-18 2024-???-??
Apple of My Eye 2023-Mar-27 2023-Sep-15
The Love in Your Eyes 2022-Oct-03 2023-Mar-24
Bravo, My Life 2022-Apr-11 2022-Sep-30
The All-Round Wife 2021-Oct-04 2022-Apr-08
Be My Dream Family 2021-Mar-29 2021-Oct-01
No Matter What 2020-Oct-12 2021-Mar-26
Brilliant Heritage 2020-Apr-20 2020-Oct-09
Unasked Family 2019-Oct-28 2020-Apr-17
Home for Summer 2019-Apr-29 2019-Oct-25
It's My Life 2018-Nov-05 2019-Apr-26
Sunny Again Tomorrow 2018-May-07 2018-Nov-02
Love Returns 2017-Nov-13 2018-May-04
The Rose of Sharon Has Bloomed 2017-May-29 2017-Nov-10
The Shining Eun Soo 2016-Nov-28 2017-May-26
Strange Family 2016-May-02 2016-Nov-25
My Home's Honey Jar 2015-Nov-02 2016-Apr-29
Save the Family 2015-May-11 2015-Oct-30
You Are the Only One 2014-Nov-24 2015-May-08
My Dear Cat 2014-Jun-09 2014-Nov-21
Melody of Love 2013-Nov-04 2014-Jun-06
A Tale of Two Sisters 2013-Apr-29 2013-Nov-01
Cheer Up, Mr. Kim! 2012-Nov-05 2013-Apr-26
I'll Give You the Stars and the Moon 2012-May-07 2012-Nov-02
Just You 2011-Nov-07 2012-May-04
The Women of Our Home 2011-May-16 2011-Nov-04
Smile, Dong Hae 2010-Oct-04 2011-May-13
A Good Day for the Wind to Blow 2010-Feb-01 2010-Oct-01
Everybody Cha Cha Cha 2009-Jun-29 2010-Jan-29
The Road Home 2009-Jan-12 2009-Jun-26
You Are My Destiny 2008-May-05 2009-Jan-09
I Hate You, But It's Fine 2007-Sep-03 2008-May-02
By Land and Sky 2007-Jan-15 2007-Aug-31
Pure 19 2006-May-22 2007-Jan-12
The Bizarre Bunch 2005-Sep-26 2006-May-19
My Sweetheart My Darling 2005-Feb-14 2005-Sep-23
My Lovely Family 2004-Jun-07 2005-Feb-11
One Million Roses 2003-Oct-06 2004-Jun-04
Yellow Handkerchief 2003-Feb-03 2003-Oct-03
To Be With You 2002-Jul-01 2003-Jan-31
This is Love 2001-Oct-29 2002-Jun-28
Tender Hearts 2001-Feb-05 2001-Oct-26
More Than Words Can Say 2000-May-01 2001-Feb-02
Rising Sun, Rising Moon 1999-Oct-18 2000-Apr-28
People's House 1999-Apr-05 1999-Oct-15
My Love By My Side 1998-Aug-31 1999-Apr-02
Series switch from KBS2 to KBS1
Title Start Date End Date
8:25 PM on KBS2
Series switch from KBS2 to KBS1
As We Live Our Lives 1998-Mar-16 1998-Aug-28
Because I Really 1997-Mar-03 1998-Mar-13
Until We Can Love 1996-Apr-01 1997-Feb-28
Blowing of the Wind 1995-Apr-03 1996-Mar-29

KBS1 Wednesday Evening Drama (7:30 PM)

Title Start Date End Date
Hometown over the Hill 2007-Oct-24 2011-May-25 (timeslot change)
Love on a Jujube Tree 1994-???-?? 2007-Oct-10

KBS1 Sunday Morning (9:00 AM)

Title Start Date End Date
Hometown over the Hill 2 2012-May-20 2014-Dec-28
Hometown over the Hill 2011-Jun-05 2012-Feb-26

KBS1 Sunday Morning (10:00 AM)

Title Start Date End Date
Andante 2017-Sep-24 2018-Jan-07

KBS1 Saturday & Sunday Night (~9:45 PM)

Title Start Date End Date
The King of Tears, Lee Bangwon 2021-Dec-11 2022-May-01
Jang Young Shil 2016-Jan-02 2016-Mar-26
The Jingbirok: A Memoir of Imjin War 2015-Feb-14 2015-Aug-02
Jeong Do Jeon 2014-Jan-04 2014-Jun-29
The King's Dream 2012-Sep-08 2013-Jun-09
King Gwanggaeto the Great 2011-Jun-04 2012-Apr-29
King Geunchogo 2010-Nov-06 2011-May-29
Freedom Fighter, Lee Hoe Young 2010-Aug-29 2010-Sep-12
Comrades 2010-Jun-19 2010-Aug-22
Merchant Kim Man Deok 2010-Mar-06 2010-Jun-13
The Reputable Family 2010-Jan-02 2010-Feb-21
Dae Wang Sejong episodes 1-26 of 76 2008-Jan-05 2008-Mar-30
Dae Jo Yeong 2006-Sep-16 2007-Dec-27
Seoul 1945 2006-Jan-07 2006-Sep-10
Genghis Khan 2005-Sep-10 2005-Dec-18
The Immortal Lee Soon-Shin 2004-Sep-04 2005-Aug-28
Age of Warriors 2003-Feb-08 2004-Aug-15
Dawn of the Empire 2002-Mar-02 2003-Jan-26
Emperor Wang Gun 2000-Apr-01 2002-Feb-24
King and Queen 1998-Jun-06 2000-Mar-26
Tears of the Dragon 1996-Nov-24 1998-Mar-31
Dazzling Dawn 1995-Oct-28 1996-Nov-23
Kim Goo (김구 / 백범김구) 1995-Aug-05 1995-Sep-24
Daybreak (먼동) 1993-Apr-24 1994-Apr-30
The Three Kingdoms (삼국기) 1992-Apr-12 1993-Apr-17
Flowers That Never Wilt 1991-Oct-12 1992-Mar-28
The Royal Way 1991-Jan-06 1991-Oct-05
Dawn of the Day (여명의 그날) 1990-Sep-16 1990-Dec-16
And So Flows History (역사는 흐른다) 1989-Aug-13 1990-Sep-09
Land (토지) 1987-Oct-24 1989-Aug-06
Lee Hwa (이화) 1987-Jun-06 1987-Oct-17
Windfall (노다지) 1986-Sep-14 1987-May-31
Dawn (새벽) 1985-Feb-17 1985-Dec-29
Independence Gate (독립문) 1984-Jan-01 1984-Dec-30
The Foundation (개국) 1983-Jan-02 1983-Dec-18
Wind and Clouds 1982-Jan-10 1982-Dec-26
Great Vocation (대명) 1981-Jan-25 1981-Dec-27