List of Dramas aired in Taiwan by TTV

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This list is incomplete. Please feel free to add to it.
  • List of Dramas aired in Taiwan by TTV sorted by date and timeslot.
  • Only drama timeslots that are usually used to air first-time locally airing dramas are listed.
  • Currently airing TV Shows are highlighted.

TTV Friday (22:00)

Title Start Date End Date
All Is Well 2019-Aug-26 2019-Sep-20
Before We Get Married 2019-May-31 2019-Aug-23
Without Her, Even Hero Is 0 2019-Mar-01 2019-May-24
My Goddess 2018-Nov-16 2019-Feb-01
Tree in the River 2018-Aug-17 2018-Oct-12
My Ex-Man 2018-May-18 2018-Aug-10
My Dear Boy 2017-Dec-22 2018-May-11
Qseries 2016-Aug-19 2017-Aug-18
Life List 2016-May-06 2016-Aug-12
Xing Fu Bu Er Jia 2016-Jan-29 2016-Apr-29
Taste of Love (TTV) 2015-Oct-16 2016-Jan-22
Youth Power 2015-May-01 2015-Sep-18
The New World 2015-Jan-16 2015-Apr-24
Mr. Right Wanted 2014-Nov-07 2015-Jan-09
Apple In Your Eye 2014-Aug-08 2014-Oct-31
Prince William 2014-Apr-25 2014-Aug-01
Liu Mang Dan Gao Dian 2014-Jan-10 2014-Apr-18
The Pursuit of Happiness 2013-Oct-11 2014-Jan-03
A Good Wife 2013-Jun-28 2013-Oct-04
Happy 300 Days 2013-Mar-08 2013-Jun-21
An Innocent Mistake 2012-Nov-16 2013-Mar-01
What is Love 2012-Jul-20 2012-Nov-09
In Between 2012-Apr-06 2012-Jul-13
Qian Nan You 2011-Dec-30 2012-Mar-30
Yong Shi Men 2011-Sep-16 2011-Dec-23
Who's the One 2011-Apr-22 2011-Jul-15
The Fierce Wife 2010-Nov-05 2011-Apr-15
Ni Ya Da 2010-Jun-04 2010-Oct-29
Lucky Days 2010-Jan-08 2010-May-28
Na Yi Nian De Xing Fu Shi Guang 2009-Aug-07 2010-Jan-01
Play Ball 2009-Mar-20 2009-Jul-31
Police et vous 2008-Oct-03 2009-Mar-13

TTV Saturday (22:00)

Title Start Date End Date
Falling Into You 2020-Sep-19 2020-Dec-26
Amensalism 2020-Mar-28 2020-Jun-20
The Way We Love 2019-Jul-06 2019-Oct-12
Brave to Love 2019-Mar-09 2019-Jun-15
Five Missions 2018-Nov-24 2019-Mar-02
Love & π 2018-Jul-21 2018-Nov-10
Single Ladies Senior 2018-Mar-31 2018-Jul-14
Lion Pride 2017-Dec-02 2017-Mar-24
JOJO's World 2017-Aug-05 2017-Nov-11
Love, timeless 2017-Apr-15 2017-Jul-29
The King of Romance 2016-Dec-03 2017-Apr-08
Love By Design 2016-Jul-30 2016-Nov-19
Love @ Seventeen 2016-Apr-09 2016-Jul-23
Thirty Something 2015-Dec-12 2016-Apr-02
To the Dearest Intruder 2015-May-01 2015-Sep-18

TTV Sunday (21:30), (22:00) from Bull Fighting onward

Title Start Date End Date
The Devil Punisher 2020-Oct-25 2021-Mar-14
Lost Romance 2020-Jun-07 2020-Oct-18
The Wonder Woman 2020-Feb-02 2020-May-31
Let's go crazy on LIVE 2019-Sep-08 2020-Jan-19
Back to Home 2019-May-05 2019-Sep-01
Hello Again! 2019-Jan-06 2019-Apr-28
Campus Heroes 2018-Aug-19 2018-Dec-02
Between 2018-Apr-15 2018-Aug-12
See You in Time 2017-Dec-10 2018-Apr-22
Memory Love 2017-Aug-06 2017-Dec-03
The Masked Lover 2017-Mar-26 2017-Jul-30
Behind Your Smile 2016-Nov-13 2017-Mar-19
Prince Of Wolf 2016-Jul-03 2016-Oct-30
Refresh Man 2016-Mar-06 2016-Jun-26
Bromance 2015-Oct-18 2016-Feb-28
When I See You Again 2015-May-31 2015-Oct-11
Someone Like You 2015-Jan-11 2015-May-24
Say Again Yes I Do 2014-Apr-06 2015-Jan-04
Fall in Love with Me 2014-Apr-06 2014-Aug-17
Déjà Vu 2013-Nov-03 2014-Mar-30
Love Around 2013-Jun-09 2013-Oct-27
Jin Da Hua De Hua Li Mao Xian 2013-Jan-06 2013-Jun-02
Miss Rose 2012-Jul-22 2012-Dec-30
Love Forward 2012-Feb-19 2012-July-15
Office Girls 2011-Aug-21 2012-Jan-12
Love You 2011-Apr-17 2011-Aug-14
Channel-X 2010-Dec-05 2011-Apr-10
Zhong Wu Yen 2010-Jul-25 2010-Nov-28
P.S. Man 2010-Feb-28 2010-Jul-18
Autumn's Concerto 2009-Oct-04 2010-Feb-28
Easy Fortune Happy Life 2009-Jun-07 2009-Sep-27
My Queen 2009-Jan-04 2009-May-31
Woody Sambo 2008-Aug-24 2008-Dec-28
Fated to Love You 2008-Mar-16 2008-Aug-24
Bull Fighting 2007-Nov-18 2008-Mar-09
Ying Ye 3 Jia 1 2007-Jul-29 2007-Nov-11
My Lucky Star 2007-Mar-11 2007-Jul-22
Engagement for Love 2006-Nov-12 2007-Mar-04
Smiling Pasta 2006-Jul-16 2006-Nov-05
The Magicians of Love 2006-Feb-12 2006-Jul-09
Green Forest, My Home 2005-Oct-23 2006-Feb-05
Prince turns to Frog 2005-Jun-05 2005-Oct-16
Mr. Fighting 2005-Jan-16 2005-May-29
Michael the Archangel's Dance 2004
Say Yes Enterprise 2004-Apr-04 2004-Jun-27
Scent of Love 2003-Nov-09 2004-Mar-28
The Rose 2003-May-25 2003-Nov-02
Star 2001-Feb-21 2002-May-16
Lavender 2001-Des-06 2002-Feb-07