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Upcoming Drama[edit]


After saw your edit on upcoming K drama The Spring Day of My Life, I want to list some things you should know about filling details on upcoming dramas:

1. Never based your writings on Korean Wikipedia, not to mention included it in External Links. Even after the drama air, Korean Wiki is still sometimes wrong. Korean Wiki for drama pages, unlike English and Japanese, seldom inserted the valid references, esp. when the drama has not aired yet.

2. Try not to include the actors names that hasn't been confirmed or even rumored in official Korean news articles, not to mention ones who haven't even own a character's name yet. Be patient to wait until their confirmation news come or the official site opened later.

Thanks. --Helena89 (talk) 16:13, 30 July 2014 (UTC)

i only put actor names from daum, the drama's official site, and official new articles from the Broadcast network that will be airing the drama. also i'm not sure what edits you are talking about please be specific as i didn't see what edits i made that you have taken offense to. --ZianaSue (talk)

AGB Ratings[edit]


I wonder why you never filled the AGB ratings for Korean drama. You mostly fast in updated the ratings table but alas, only for TNmS. Not to mention when you make the new tables for upcoming dramas, you also only made the TNmS one. So someone still always needs to edit/complete them. It's not that you weren't helpful, but it feels like half-done jobs. It also doesn't help that Koreans mostly use AGB for their official standard ratings, so viewers/readers search for AGB numbers much more than TNmS. If you can't read Korean so you can't find where AGB stored the ratings in their website, then please at least make the new blank tables for both AGB and TNmS. Thanks. --Helena89 (talk) 06:54, 7 July 2014 (UTC)

the TNmS I can see. The AGB the only way I see them is if someone else fills them in, or I get them from Wikipedia days afterward. That's bothersome. Because the website just comes up as a blank Webpage on my iPad which is my PC. The TNmS site pops right up on my screen. That's why on my page it only say TNmS. The only drama I look for AGB rating for is Only Love just to have a verifier that the drama actually aired. I also noticed that there is someone who typically only fills in the AGB so I leave it to them. --ZianaSue (talk)
It's OK I was just wondering. If somebody filled only the AGB, I guess it was because AGB mostly updated the ratings first before TNmS, almost everyday, so if that user have other schedules after 7 am KST, he/she wouldn't be able to filled the TnMS too. That was why I wonder about you, since you only filled TnMS every time, even though AGB usually came up first, so you should had the time to filled both of them.
Try to install Flash plugin for your iPad. It's OK if your problem still can't be solved. But, as I had stated, if you make new blank ratings tables for new/upcoming drama next time, please make for both AGB and TnMS, since I had edited many of your blank rating tables which only had TnMS column. Thanks. --Helena89 (talk) 23:23, 7 July 2014 (UTC)
Flash is not compatable with first generation iPads. I don't if it is with the newer ones or not --ZianaSue (talk)
If you can't view AGB ratings, then don't force to inserted them in table without the proper ranks, like what you did in Endless Love. Just let other users filled it whole instead, because you made the viewers got the wrong assumption, they thought Endless Love didn't make it to Top 20 last night. That's why I got the request from other user to edited the table. Thanks. --Helena89 (talk) 04:22, 11 August 2014 (UTC)
ok. I just put in the numbers from Wikipedia. They never put rank numbers in. --ZianaSue (talk)

Japanese afternoon matinees[edit]


Please do not change the matinees for Spring, although they started on the 31st of March, it is but a day difference. Especially the NHK ones, they run for 2 seasons. Even if you had wanted to move it to Winter, it still need to stay in Spring as it is ongoing. The 1 day earlier than Spring timeline is not important, only in cases where it starts mid-season should we put it under Winter. Also, please take note of the following:

1. It is romaji and not romanji
2. 他の皆さん or ほかの皆さん is not a name. It means, "and others"

Cheers. BaBa (talk) 13:05, 12 April 2014 (UTC)

Japanese drama Titles[edit]


1. Please do not translate the drama titles. We normally use the romaji, unless it is a borrowed English / foreign word. Please read Japanese TV Show Article Formatting and correct some of the dramas pages that you had created e.g. Autobahn ~Organized Crime Division Yagama Eiko~.

2. I believe I have mentioned before that a (仮) after the title means that the title has not been finalised and can be changed. アウトバーン ~組織犯罪対策課 八神瑛子~ has a (仮) after it. Which means the title has not been confirmed

3. My personal take is that we should create the drama pages once the official website has been created, or if not that, at least the cast has been mostly confirmed. I do not see the point in rushing to create a drama page, with lots of missing information, and ??? for the cast. This is not a race to see who can create the pages fastest. Nor is it a competition on no of pages created. Rather, it is a community project to share accurate information in a standardised manner. We can put confirmed drama titles on the season index page as soon as a drama has been confirmed, but it doesn't necessarily mean we must create the corresponding drama page immediately. It can stay as uncreated until most information is out, like cast, synopsis, etc.

BaBa (talk) 15:40, 20 May 2014 (UTC)

You had not previously mentioned that to me. Since you said the Autobahn title was not confirmed I won't bother re-formatting it until the title is confirmed.
Also I was not treating it like a race or competition. I just like to stay on top of things and do things spaced out so it's not overwhelming for me later. Also I do most of my stuff via my iPad and working in little groups spaced out is more efficient for me than trying to do everything in bulk. I save big projects for when I'm on a desktop/laptop. --ZianaSue (talk) 15:52, 20 May 2014 (UTC)
Also according to the website the title is already in the correct formatting. They have it has "9days Queen ~九日間の女王~" I have it has "9 Days Queen" only a minor difference. Based what I seen on other pages the parts in between ~__~ are not always included in the dramawiki page title. --ZianaSue (talk) 16:02, 20 May 2014 (UTC)
Please read above under the fujisancho. I had mentioned the (仮) there. If the title is 9days Queen, then the Japanese will also stay as 9days Queen. Why did u put 九日間の女王 on the season index? The names are for romaji, and kanji. The ~ ~ or tilde as it is called, is for taglines. We try not to put taglines on titles, but mention it as a tagline, though that has not been strictly followed... But one thing is for sure, if the tagline is in the romaji title, then it is in the kanji title. So either it is 9days Queen ~ 九日間の女王 ~ with the same for kanji, or 9days Queen only. It isn't 9days Queen for romaji, then 九日間の女王 for kanji. You are confusing the two.
The dramawiki is a reference point. Pretty much like a dictionary. Imagine checking up a word in the dictionary, only to find missing information. It is frustrating for the person looking up the information, and it discredits dramawiki. Someone seeing a badly done up page, or a page with almost zero information will think that drama wiki is pretty much useless. Drama wiki is not maintained by only you. There are a few number of contributors including myself. Why do you think you will be overwhelmed by the volume of work? Do you not think it is more productive to slowly work on the page and get all the information right, then to just rush through it? Besides having all the empty uninformative pages, I have corrected quite a few of your mistakes, and these mistakes are easily avoided by using google, e.g. getting the actors' names wrong. I just feel that it is better to have no information than to get the wrong information, don't you think?
I have given you the link to the formatting twice. Japanese TV Show Article Formatting It would seem that you do not bother to read it at all. Like the romaji vs romanji debate. Plus it states there clearly that borrowed words should be translated. ナイフ is Knife. Not Naifu. キャビンアテンダント is Cabin Attendant and not kyabin attendento in romaji. It is also just Cabin Attendant. Why is the title The Cabin Attendant? There is no "the" in the japanese title, and not to mention it has a (仮) behind the name. Wakamonotachi 2014 is another example. You had translated the entire title to Young Persons, and I had to move the page to Wakamonotachi 2014. These guidelines are given to us so that dramawiki can be standardised. Kindly adhere to them. BaBa (talk) 17:28, 20 May 2014 (UTC)
if you look at the picture used on the Fuji TV website under 'special' it says キャビンアテンダント with "the cabin attendants" right under it. That is why I called it "The Cabin Attendant" Also 'Knife' no Yukue didn't sound right so I left it "Naifu no Yukue" I have looked at that page several time I even have it as a quick link on my page for easy reference. But obviously I'm not seeing whatever it is you are seeing. --ZianaSue (talk) 18:04, 20 May 2014 (UTC)

It is not for us to say what sounds right and what doesn't. The guidelines say we have to translate the borrowed word, and so we translate it. You translate the entire title for Wakamonotachi, but you decide to leave Knife as Naifu because it doesn't sound right. Where is the consistency? Or even the logic? As I had said, Drama wiki does not belong to you nor I. It is a community project, and as such the guidelines are what we fall on when each of us have difference in opinions.
How can you not see what I am referring to on the guideline? Let me paste it for you here:
"The "Title (<romaji> <language of loanword>)" field is written using the following rules:
Combination of hiragana/kanji and katakana: all the words in katakana that reference loanwords should be translated, and the hiragana/kanji should be transcribed to romaji. Examples are Glass no Kamen, Tokyo Tower 2007, Mayonaka no March, etc. In this mixed instance, you should use "Title (romaji):" even though technically part of it is not romaji. The entire title is a collection of loanwords written in katakana: use "Title: (<language>):", such as Sommelier which is a loanword with French origin. In that case, it sould be "Title (French):".
Use of katakana to spell a Japanese word: Example, Himitsu no Hanazono is ヒミツの花園. Even though ヒミツ is katakana, it is actually a Japanese word and not a loanword.
So it should then be "Title (romaji):"" because we'd be using romaji for the katakana."
None of us are above making mistakes, but all of us here have at least one of the following traits in us; we love jdoramas, we admire the cast and staff, we want to share our love for jdorama and to help those who are not so strong in Japanese to have basic structured information about jdorama. Most of all we take pride in our work and ensure that it is of the highest standard and is providing the right and accurate information, and are able to take constructive feedback given to us instead of justifying our mistakes with "I will do what I think is right and don't you be bothering me, thank you very much!". Above all else, we follow the rules/guidelines

Yes, we'll when I read the page I didn't see all that. Most likely because I didn't read it word or word, I just skim looking. For the info I need and if I don't find it, I just move on to something else . This topic is now closed. --ZianaSue (talk) 13:04, 26 May 2014 (UTC).

Creating pages[edit]

While I appreciate your creation of Trot Lovers OST and Gunman in Joseon OST. However, it is not necessary to create them so early with no official information having been released for either pages. These dramas may not even have their own soundtrack released much like how there is no OST released yet for the drama, A New Leaf. I hope you understand. Thank you. --Msmall92 (talk) 01:38, 18 June 2014 (UTC)

Where I put "star entry" and "Sony music entrainment Korea". I got that from their respective website. You'll find it if you look under /about/staff/index.html --ZianaSue (talk)
I'm having difficulty finding anything from both sites using "/about/staff/index.html". Could you kindly give me the specific link for both dramas? Thank you. --Msmall92 (talk) 01:59, 18 June 2014 (UTC)
Never mind, I found it. I misunderstood and thought you were talking about the agency websites. --Msmall92 (talk) 02:03, 18 June 2014 (UTC)
just in case here are the links. −
trot= Trot Lovers Staff List gunman = Gunman in Joseon Staff List it is listed as OST제작 --ZianaSue (talk)

Sageuk Character Names[edit]

I noticed that you've inputted some of the character names in Secret Door in romanization format instead of by translation. Historical dramas usually have character names which include their character's status. For example, "화완옹주" would be translated into "Princess Hwawan" instead of "Hwa Wan Ong Joo" because the latter doesn't mean much to the viewers. Also, please link the characters to the English Wikipedia if the figure has a page there. --Chillyperson (talk) 08:37, 28 July 2014 (UTC)

characters with wiki pages? That's new and weird.
Some historical characters have Wikipedia pages. By linking it to Wikipedia, it allows viewers to access the character's background easier. Recent examples include: Empress Ki, The Blade and Petal, The King's Dream, and King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang. Also, please include your signature with time stamp when commenting your user talk page. --Chillyperson (talk) 18:22, 29 July 2014 (UTC)

Navigation template and suggestion[edit]


I believe it's more suitable to use the SeasonRing navigation template instead of the DramaRing one for most Japanese TV Show articles. That is how it has always been in the past so I don't see why it should change now. Also under production credits, can you follow the order mentioned in the help section where screenwriter is at top please. Just a few suggestions. Thanks for all the hard work! --Zemus (talk) 12:43, 16 September 2014 (UTC)